The ‘P’ Word

Procrastination: to put off intentionally and habitually.

Perhaps the hardest thing to overcome on my “journey to self-discovery” is procrastination. Old friends, whenever I wasn’t passionate about the task at hand, procrastination always had my back. Growing up, I was all about last minute deadlines; assignments done the morning they were due, chores completed as my parents entered the home, no matter the subject/situation I could find ANYthing else to take precedent. If I was told I couldn’t leave my room until my homework was done…I would be in there all night drawing pictures, reading magazines, rearranging furniture, anything and everything that kept me from doing what I actually needed to accomplish. (The ADD didn’t help).

During the hiring process, a lot of employers will ask for your strengths and weaknesses. They want to know that you can take criticism and are self-aware. Many people (myself included) find very diplomatic ways of answering the question: “I’m a people pleaser.” In my personal life, procrastination is by far my dominant weakness. Being an adult has not made it any easier.

As I sit here making grocery lists and researching different diets to aide my changing lifestyle, I reflect on my workouts this week (and lack thereof). I’ve allowed myself to fall behind in yoga, as well as my duo-lingo exercises. I have no good excuses, just lax self-motivation. I was “getting ready” to go to the gym Monday, and it took me over an hour to finally leave the house. I contemplated what to wear, whether or not I should start a load of just laundry, etc. I contemplated if I should just wait until after my chiropractor, or just do a workout at home instead? Eventually I got my ass to the gym.

I always tell myself “you have time.” The truth is, no one really knows just how much or how little time they have. So WHY waste it?!

After all these years, I’m sorry old friend, but it’s time to go our separate ways. I will miss you and think of our time together fondly. However, I no longer have the time to procrastinate. I deserve better for myself. It’s time for productivity! It’s time to Adult!

My life in a nut shell…


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